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 is an online resource full of ideas, inspiration and information for using kraft paper, paper bags, cardboard and other recycled fiber material in crafting, packaging, decorating and other creative and practical applications. We are happy you are here with us!

Kraft paper is defined as a type of paper that is created using a specific kraft pulping process, which results in a very strong paper that is often a shade of brown. It is used across many industries for packaging as well as other uses such as backing for sandpaper and lining for particle board.

Aside from many practical uses, Kraft paper is an extremely versatile and useful material for everyday occurrences such as gift wrapping, packaging, home decor, party decor, stationary and even beautiful uses at weddings!

We explore the many uses for Kraft paper and it’s recycled cardboard counterparts. The uses span from practical to beautiful and creative, and everything in between!

Plain kraft stickers, cards, envelopes and packaging supplies can be customized by stamping. Recycled cardboard can be cut and stamped to create personalized gift tags.

Take a look around Kraft Paper Guide for the many uses of kraft and its fibrous counterparts!

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