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Flowers Made from Brown Paper Bags

Simple brown paper bags can be used to create beautiful embellishments for your kraft gift wrapping and packaging projects.

Brown paper bag flowers are quick and easy to make, and only require brown paper bags, a hot glue gun and optional accessories like buttons.

Kraft Paper flowers made of brown paper bags | Kraft Paper Guide

The styles of flowers below are, from left to right, a petal paper flower, a pom pom paper flower and a rosette paper flower.

They are simple to make after reading tutorials online or even just with some experimentation.

Kraft Paper flowers made of brown paper bags | Kraft Paper Guide

They can be glued directly onto your gift wrap for the simplest form of adornment.

The other option is to glue a metal clip or bobby pin to the back of the flower if you’d prefer them to be removable.

Kraft Paper flowers made of brown paper bags | Kraft Paper Guide

Because brown paper bags are so easy to come by and they are so affordable, these paper flowers are an incredibly cheap way to take your packaging or gift wrap to the next level.

They look fancy and extravagant, even though they originated from a simple brown paper lunch sack!

Kraft Paper flowers made of brown paper bags | Kraft Paper Guide

With a little imagination and experimentation, countless variations of these flowers can be created for your gift wrapping.

Maybe you’d like to add paper leaves to the base of your flowers for an extra punch. You could even add glitter!

The options are endless. Coupled with a hand stamped kraft gift tag, these brown paper flowers make your gift wrapping stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Kraft Paper flowers made of brown paper bags | Kraft Paper Guide

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

There are many different ways to use kraft paper in your gift wrapping. It allows you to create beautiful, classic gifts with minimal effort.

The first way is with kraft gift boxes. Commonly used to house jewelry, these come in a range of sizes and shapes, from rectangle to square.

Shredded kraft paper makes a great filling for the kraft boxes. It’s available in a wide variety of colors to coordinate or accent your gift wrapping.

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper | Kraft Paper Gift Wrap | Kraft Paper Guide

Once you have your items nestled in your paper-padded gift box, you can tie it up with jute twine, baker’s twine or yarn. Add a custom gift tag or paper flower as embellishment.

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper | Kraft Paper Gift Wrap | Kraft Paper Guide

The second option for gift wrap using kraft paper is kraft gift bags.

These come in a variety of sizes from very small to extra large. They are perfect for pairing with tissue paper in any color you’d like.

Hand stamped stickers, gift tags and paper flowers offer beautiful embellishments to spice up an otherwise plain gift bag.

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper | Kraft Paper Gift Wrap | Kraft Paper Guide

By using simple items like kraft gift boxes and kraft paper gift bags, it is possible to create beautiful and classic gift wrap that is affordable and easy to assemble.

Adornments like gift tags, twine and paper flowers kick it up a notch!

Polka Dot Kraft Paper Favor Bags

These beautiful little bags are officially called polka dot favor bags, but they have many possible uses in addition to housing party favors.

They are made of thin, flexible kraft paper, printed with a polka dot pattern.

Kraft Paper Polka Dot Favor Bags - Kraft Paper Guide

They come in sets, usually of 25 or 30, and come in a variety of sizes.

The bags pictured here are 2.75 in x 4 in – perfect for holding small candy, gift cards, money, business cards, or other small items.

Kraft Paper Polka Dot Favor Bags - Kraft Paper Guide

Kraft favor bags can be partnered with many different craft items such as twine, yarn and stickers, especially when securing the top so the enclosed items don’t fall out.

Our favorite partner for these favor bags is washi tape – available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The tape can coordinate with wedding colors, party themes or maybe the birthday person’s favorite color, making it easy to customize and personalize these bags.

Kraft Paper Polka Dot Favor Bags - Kraft Paper Guide

Kraft paper favor bags also make a great vehicle for giving business cards to vendors and industry associates.

For entrepreneurs in creative/handmade niches, what a great way to personalize your business card package, making a great first impression!

Kraft Paper Polka Dot Favor Bags - Kraft Paper Guide

Not only are favor bags useful for housing party and wedding favors in a pretty way, they can be used for a variety of other things.

Substitute gift cards for the business cards in the photo above, and you have a beautiful way to personalize an otherwise drab piece of plastic.

Kraft paper favor bags come in plain kraft styles as well, which make them even more customizable with washi tape, markers, paint or hand stamping with ink.

Gift Tags Made of Kraft Paper

Gift tags come in all shapes and sizes.

From taking a small square of folded wrapping paper and taping it to the top of a present, to using the pre-made sticker labels with a place to write To/From, there are many quick and easy options.

But many of them aren’t the prettiest of choices.

If you spend a lot of time on your gift wrapping and packaging, you should want your gift tags to be as pretty as the rest of the present. Especially if you are adding paper flowers to your gifts!

Hand Stamping Kraft Paper - Kraft Paper Guide

Here is a quick and easy way to make personalized kraft paper gift tags!

1. The best material for a kraft paper gift tag is thin cardboard. If you use paper, it will be flimsy and not very durable.

A medium thickness cardboard works great. Keep an eye out in food packaging and packaging for products coming through the mail. There are often pieces of this thin cardboard incorporated into industrial packaging. A bonus for recycling and reusing existing materials!

Hand Stamped Kraft Paper Gift Tags

2. The next step is to cut the cardboard into squares, rectangles or your desired gift tag shapes.

3. Next, punch a hole in the tag. And then thread some jute twine or bakers twine through the hole. This is what you will use to attach it to your gift box or gift bag.

4. The final step is to hand stamp your kraft paper gift tag with the appropriate stamp and ink color.

Hand Stamped Kraft Paper Gift Tags

6. Lastly, simply attach it to your gift!

Hand Stamped Kraft Paper Gift Tags

You can personalize the gift tags even further by using alphabet stamps to spell out someone’s name. The imperfections of hand stamping single letters add to its charm.

Hand Stamped Kraft Paper Gift Tags

Hand Stamped Kraft Paper Gift Tags

These personalized gift tags have practical yet pretty uses in business as well as for personal gift giving.

By using the Handmade By stamp in the top photo, a branded tag is easy to make for handmade shops selling their creations.

Another use is to have a stamp made with your company’s logo and use it as additional branding for client products, packages or gift baskets.

Still other options include combining kraft paper stickers with gift tags for a unique gift wrap look!

Personalized and pretty kraft paper gift tags are so easy to make. The hard part it not using them on EVERYTHING!